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These are all things that combine my work with another artist's. At the moment, it's pretty much things that I've colored for them. Hopefully that'll change in the future.

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Oekaki: OekakiCentral's Coloring Book room. Someone else did the line art; I colored it in PaintBBS.
My friend Meghan drew it. I just colored it. The front woman's skin may be too yellow on some monitors. It should be a light olive-ish skin tone.
A friend from Elftown drew the pencil sketch, but didn't want to risk ruining it by coloring it in, and didn't know how to use a paint program. So I colroed it for her.
Sarah Hudson created the Yop. Flouatious Yops. We all loved them. So she made line art and invited us to color it. I took her up on it.
2001 and older

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