In order (approximately) from newest to oldest.

This is the stuff that made it past "sketch" but not to "done". Some of them I have no current plans to complete; some may actually get finished sometime soon. I may not always update the thumbnails, so be sure to click and see if anything's changed.

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Almost done! In fact, if I cropped off the bottom, it would be done for all practical purposes. Of course, I really ought to put fur on the cloak and finish the hair... but it's close enough to call done...
It's a wing, based off of a wing of a real butterfly (the Blue Copper male). Eventually it will acquire a faerie.
A waterfall. With faeries. Background based on a stock picture of a waterfall that came with Painter. Will eventually acquire more faeries.
The most recent of the Neeshia updates. You can see another possible lighting variation here. This is what it looked like before it got lighting effects. Neeshia is a ShadowMUD character.
What Over the Sea looked like before I fixed it. Rubber boat! (but I...)
It's an anthropomorphic polar bear. The basic concept is that he's looking at the first sunrise of the spring. That thing he's holding is an Inuit fishing spear.
2001 and older

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